Online Gambling Betting Exchange Matchbook Re-designed

Published Wednesday, November 13, 2013 -
Online Gambling Betting Exchange Matchbook Re-designed

Gambling on the internet takes some time to find out what sites offer the most fun with the least amount of trouble. The choices are amazing and with some luck can be profitable. One form of gambling on the net is the betting exchange model that is gaining in popularity and availability. The platform for exchange betting has been advanced with many new sites offering this type of wagering.

One site that has just launched a new look and a new sports betting exchange platform is Matchbook, which is being billed as the fastest growing betting exchange in the world. According to Wikipedia a betting exchange is an entity which provides trading facilities for retail or bookmaker customers to buy and sell contracts. These contracts are structured as binary options where the payoff is either some fixed amount of money or nothing at all, dependent on the outcome of a future event. Betting exchanges trade heavily on horse racing and sporting events, but also offer markets on elections and other current events.

Matchbook’s re-designed technology includes new functionality and features. Matchbook’s CEO, Mark Brosnan, commented, “The Matchbook product is its liquidity and concentration on our liquidity growth is our main focus. We firmly believe that Matchbook’s low-margin cost structure, with only 1% commission charged, will drive long-term volume to our platform. Our approach at Matchbook has been to grow our product one market/sports segment at a time. When we add a market, we aim to have critical mass as well as the best price and liquidity offering in the industry before we add any further markets. This approach has been extremely successful. We have grown our North American sports offering to what I can say, without question, is the best liquidity and best-priced product offering available. We have grown our pre-game, top tier league liquidity in football, to a point where it is as competitive as Asian bookmakers on its Asian Handicaps and it is quickly becoming the best price/best liquidity match market offering as well.”

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