Irish Online Gambling Firm Boylesports Plans Expansion

Published Monday, December 30, 2013 -
Irish Online Gambling Firm Boylesports Plans Expansion

The online gambling industry is a tough nut to crack but when things go well expanding into the land based retail market for gambling services may be an option for some.

Boylesports owner and founder CEO John Boyle recently told the Irish Times he has a plan to do just that, expand into the British retail gambling marketplace. The English retail market is already thick with those attempting to gain a bit of action but the successful bookie says he will be in the groove ‘within five years.’

Boylesports recently bought up Tom Flood Bookmakers in Ireland giving them the honour of being the second biggest bookie in Ireland. The company wants to move forward says the CEO. The firm was established in 1982, and has 192 retail stores in Ireland that are operated by a group of 1,200 employees. The business turns over a billion euro per year, and competes with the usual methods such as retail, phone, mobile and the cyber offerings.

Using hindsight Mr.Boyle said to the Irish Times, “We’ve looked in the past – the time that the Tote wanted to sell – that’s going back to 2006, 2007. We were showing interest then in buying their stores,” he continued to explain, “but then the recession arrived and the British government, who owned them, took them off the market, because they were only going to get half the value.

“At that time we were very keen and I had spent a good few months over there in preparation for that,” Boyle said, “So if the right acquisition knocked on our door, we’re looking for opportunities over there, so we expect in the next five years to have a presence in retail.”

“You don’t know what opportunities are going to knock on your door. There’s three, four, different companies that could become available over the next number of years, and if you can show that you are good at retail in Ireland, you can do it anywhere in the world.”

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