Anti Online Poker Fight Finds Contenders

Published Monday, January 06, 2014 -
Anti Online Poker Fight Finds Contenders

The fight that Sheldon Adelson the casino and resort owner that has made billions of dollars off of gamblers regarding his aversion to internet betting in America has found just a few detractors to go a few rounds with. Notably the Poker Players Alliance of America has decided to fight back.

On the Adelson’s crusading Facebook page of December 27th 2013 ' Coalition to Stop Internet Gambling’ there is now a picture of a child posted re-emphasizing the dangers of the internet for minors. While this may be a stunning example of parental neglect it is true some kids are smarter than the parents and some kids will find gambling on the internet.

To play actual online poker though the child must find a web site that doesn’t ask for proof of the person’s age, something that just isn’t there for example and then there are all the credit checks and balances. Most kids don’t have access to their parent’s bank accounts.

In the brick and mortar casinos in Vegas there are free drinks, no clocks and tons of other incentives to spend and spend some more.

The Poker Player Alliance has pointed out that The Las Vegas Sands has made billions promoting gambling but now the man with all that money Adelson wants to spend it on destroying the online gambling industry in America.

The Coalition to Stop Internet Gambling is working at the guilt factor the fear and the ignorance of the masses to get its point across.

Sheldon Adelson pumped millions of dollars into Mitt Romney’s Republican bid for the White House a campaign that had a no internet gambling clause written into the policy statement.

While in America people are free to choose the path they want to follow in Washington policy is a matter of lobbying and purchase power. There is a great deal at stake for the online gambling industry in the USA and it is a sure bet the industry stake holders will put up a significant fight to maintain its image.

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