Online Sports Betting A Big Issue in North America

Published Saturday, January 11, 2014 -
Online Sports Betting A Big Issue in North America

The issue that seems to stand out the most in talks about internet gambling in North America is the legal battle that carries on over sports betting.

In the USA the leagues and organizations are adamant about not allowing punting on sports except in Nevada and a few other jurisdictions. The fight is on in New Jersey where the state intends to have their way and allow punters to bet on major sporting events.

While the sports leagues are constantly using their considerable financial powers to deter any changes in the law regarding gambling on sports there are those in public office who see the financial benefits of gambling on sports and are lobbying hard to get it done.

One such effort was almost successful last year in Canada when a Windsor Member of Parliament 2 years ago introduced a private members bill (C-290) which aimed to overturn the law and allow any province that wanted to offer single game sports betting the right to do so. Windsor is very close to the US border and the member was thinking of the potential financial gain for his riding.

The bill passed all the reading in Canada’s House of Commons which unanimously voted to pass the bill and allow single game sports betting. The bill then moved on to the Canadian Senate where it was stalled after the debate from sports leagues and organizations claimed the passing of a bill allowing for multiple games to be bet upon would spoil the future for youth and turn them all into problem punters. Some Senators where upset that there wasn’t sufficient debate on the subject in the House of Commons with the usual denouncing of gambling as a bad thing.

The recent upset in the Senate ranks that exposed a number of the appointed Senators as corrupt may give the bill a second chance in 2014. Those who were exposed were against the bill but now there are many Senators willing to take a sober second look at the bill.

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