Online Gambling Suspect Arrested At Australian Open

Published Wednesday, January 15, 2014 -
Online Gambling Suspect Arrested At Australian Open

The heat wave at the Australian Open Tennis tournament has been giving the bookies a rough ride as the odds change with the weather. The heat is causing the players to back out and collapse much to the chagrin of books all over the world. While the temperature at the venue is expected to dip down in the near future that too may play havoc with the condition of the tennis pros. The Tournament is still well underway with events scheduled until January 26th 2014 at the Melbourne Park facility. The website is specific when it comes to gambling with the statement that Tennis Australia has a zero tolerance policy on illegal gambling, match-fixing and the communication of sensitive information that may affect the outcome of a match, and will investigate all reported instances. Authorities have arrested an individual for alleged 'court side gambling' after a British man was held at the Australian Open tournament according to the Daily Mail.

The 22-year-old is alleged to have been watching games courtside and using a special electronic device sewn into his clothes to send messages to an associate who places bets before a TV delay. The individual has not been named and police have not released any details as to whether he is resident or is visiting Australia. Victoria Police also confirmed it has been observing several other persons of interest and are continuing to monitor their activities.

Graham Ashton, Deputy Commissioner commented on the arrest, ‘It's certainly the first time it's (legislation) been used in tennis in Victoria and I'm not aware of an (tennis) example anywhere in the world where court siding has been able to be dealt with in a criminal setting.’ Deputy Commissioner Ashton explained, ‘That bet is able to be placed before the legitimate bookmaker is able to close off their betting on that particular incident, so trying to beat the (TV) signal back to the relevant bookmaker. ‘The delay can be seven to ten seconds, which doesn't sound like much but in terms of putting large bets on and a volume of bets, that's a long time.’

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