US Anti Online Gambling Coalition Slammed in Congress

Published Saturday, January 18, 2014 -
US Anti Online Gambling Coalition Slammed in Congress

The internet has its detractors for many reasons and there are those individuals out in the world that are working hard to make everyone agree the internet is bad.

When it comes to online gambling there are those that just think the concept of being able to gamble while in your slippers and robe is a dangerous activity.

The reintroduction of online poker in Nevada has shaken the foundation of Sheldon Adelson’s world. The mega rich casino and resort owner of the Las Vegas Sands is bent on destroying the fledgling online gambling business in the USA. This senior has been making money from gambling for some time now and has been using every media available to get his message across.

Unfortunately the man is losing face especially after the Las Vegas Sands Corporation and Senior Vice President, Andrew Abboud were called “hypocrites” by two members of Congress.

The Coalition to Stop Internet Gambling are trying to attempt to have the recently revised Department of Justice opinion on the 1961 Wire Act challenged again but this time with language that prohibits any type of online gambling, poker, plus lottery.

There are few in Congress that will support something as one sided as this move by the Coalition.

The online lottery aspect has been a big issue for various states which allows internet lottery purchases and they have become dependent on the revenues generated by lottery games. It is highly unlikely there will be any Senators in favour of going backwards in America’s gambling legislation. The Coalition to Stop Internet Gambling has proposed ‘biting the hand that feeds them’ in terms of politics this is not an acceptable practice.

The situation is clear in so much that Sheldon Adelson does have lots of money but will it by him the happiness he so desperately is trying to by.

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