New York Lottery Plans Online Offerings

Published Thursday, January 23, 2014 -
New York Lottery Plans Online Offerings

Now that New Jersey has legal online betting neighbouring states are stepping up their efforts to attract customers. New York has recently felt a decline in their state lottery and is making some progress in revamping their lottery offering.

Recently Pennsylvania dropped plans to utilize Camelot the United Kingdom’s national lottery to operate their lottery but New York State has decided to ask the firm to devise a five year plan for the Empire State.

The online gambling in New Jersey and other offerings has prompted officials in New York to upgrade to a system that includes the internet. The New York State Gaming Commission has commissioned Camelot to conduct market research on potential new lottery games as a hedge against the growing popularity in other forms of betting such as online casino games and poker.

New York State gained approximately $7.1bn from lottery sales in 2012-2013 the highest garnered in the entire USA. The State’s educational system uses to $2.2bn to fund their programs.

The New York State Gaming Commission Deputy Director and Director of Administration and Operations, Gardner Gurney, commented on the arrangement, “The gambling landscape in New York State has changed over the past 12 months, and will continue to change and become more competitive. In order to safeguard state aid to education it is highly critical that we look at alternative approaches for the future of the lottery.”

Camelot, which is owned by the Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan, has held the licence for the UK lottery since 1994. Its franchise has been extended until 2023. Camelot has previously worked as a consultants for California, Massachusetts and Canada’s interprovincial lottery operations.

The UK national lottery is technically ahead of other lotteries in North America and Europe, with British players regularly playing online and on mobile devices. The highly successful EuroMillions game has been used as a model for an interprovincial lottery offering in Canada.

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