Data Mining and Online Betting on Tennis Concern

Published Thursday, January 23, 2014 -
Data Mining and Online Betting on Tennis Concern

Betting on sporting events requires research and keen observation of the action. With the advent of in play wagering the faster the information is received the better it is for the odds checker. Statistics are only as good as their refresh rate as seen in the recent popularity in wagering on tennis.

A recent story involving a young Englishman at the Melbourne Open Tennis competition is evidence that people will go to great lengths for timely data.

The integrity of sports is again in jeopardy with the 22 year old Daniel Dobson being arrested for relaying information courtside during an Australian Open Tennis match.

The placing of bets on the action at the match before the books can close their windows is just one step away from contact with the actual players said Australia’s Victoria Police deputy commissioner Graham Ashton.

While the man in question will be in court shortly industry insiders claim this is not so much about insider betting but a matter of sports results data and the ownership of said data. It has been suggested that the case is really over who owns the sports data and was it illegal to transfer that data faster than the supposed owners of the information. There is no match fixing involved really and there is controversial opinions on the court siding activity being just the transmission of game details.

Information gathering for firms who publish the details of various matches is big business and it relies on the speed and accuracy of the data to perform properly. The accused is being bolstered by statements from data firm Sporting Data which said it plans to defend Dobson stating this was a grossly unfair accusation and it cannot deliver so called out of date information to its customers.

This is a situation where the courts will decide the actual legality of the act and whether there was any real harm done to the game of tennis.

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