Online Fantasy Sports Data Potential Growing

Published Saturday, January 25, 2014 -
Online Fantasy Sports Data Potential Growing

In America there are thousands of colleges and kids enrolled who participate in Fantasy Sports betting. The amount of energy and time spent on keeping track of all the sporting events and the statistics required to maintain the system is enormous. There are students many at one time staring up at TV screens and typing away on computer keyboards, entering statistics garnered from the live game broadcasts.

Google, Bleacher Report and Facebook are all consumers of the data these watchers are sending. SportsData, is a company that feeds information from nearly 20,000 sporting events annually and hundreds of fantasy sports leagues and media companies depend on them to keep track of the numbers. Recently a Swiss sports information and gambling company Sportradar acquired SportsData in a cash and stock deal.

Chief Executive Officer for SportsData, Rob Phythian has been in the business of collecting sports statistics since the early 1990s. The key has always been speed. And as the Internet developed, demand for ever-more real-time stats increased as well as competition. Phythian commented, "Sports and data -- it's still a white-hot space,"

Pythian realized the massive potential of the Internet early with its ability to deliver fresher information to fantasy sports fans. The launching of fantasy sports site Fanball in 1999, was an immediate success marketed as a "one-stop shop for fantasy sports enthusiasts."

Following the fantasy sports data industry one can see it was dominated by a few companies. Robert Shaw, Vice President of content and media at Bloomberg Sports, commented that the market is a virtual monopoly.

"This has been an industry that, for a long time, has been dominated by just a couple of participants," Shaw continued, "I think a lot of people have been pleased with the different type of service that SportsData is able to offer."

Potential is still there for further growth as the interest and competition heats up in the sports information industry.

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