Veterans Charity Gambling Scandal Lawyer Sentenced

Published Wednesday, February 12, 2014 -
Veterans Charity Gambling Scandal Lawyer Sentenced

One of the biggest scandals regarding illegal gambling operations in the Sunshine State of Florida USA has found some closure in the conviction of Kelly Mathis the lawyer in the case. The $300 million dollar gambling operation used a veterans charity as a disguise for its illegal dealing.

The Jacksonville attorney was supported by his family and other character witnesses who painted a glowing picture of the convicted man, calling him a person with integrity and a good family man. After listening to the pleas for compassion the Judge sentenced him to six years in jail. Mathis’ defence was limited to his proclamation that he was just providing legal counsel to the Allied Veterans of America organization.

All in all fifty seven people are to go to trial over the affair. Mathis is the beginning of a long series of judgements regarding this complex case. A number of people were part of this situation including the  Lt. Gov. Jennifer Carroll who subsequently resigned because of her role as a consultant for the Allied Veterans charity although she was not charged with any illegal activity. Mathis on the other hand was convicted on 103 counts of racketeering, possessing slot machines and other gambling related charges.

Prosecutors claimed the network of bogus internet cafes were in fact casinos with slots and video poker machines was set up by Mathis subsequently the arrests led to the Florida Legislature banning internet cafes in the state.  Mathis was confident that the convictions will be overturned after an appeal. The effect on the legal community has been swift with lawyers now being much more cautious. "A lawyer will be afraid to give any advice at all if this is allowed to stand," Mathis said.

 State Prosecutor Nick Cox said it gave him no pleasure to have another attorney given a prison sentence.  "We just sentenced a lawyer to prison, that doesn't make me proud," Cox continued, "I'm not happy we needed to do this."








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