Gambling Superstitions Persist at Online Casinos

Published Thursday, March 13, 2014 -
Gambling Superstitions Persist at Online Casinos

Gambling on anything requires a certain leap of faith that can translate into one of two things, good luck or bad luck. When a gamble pays off it can be of great benefit to the confidence of the player but if the gamble doesn’t pay off it is blamed on bad luck. Many cultures on the planet believe there are ways to change bad luck into good by carrying out certain rituals or loading up on talismans that create good positive energy.

The one culture that seems to be the most superstitious is the Chinese. When you are next at a casino and are listening to the excitement and hear someone Chinese call out the words Deng in Cantonese or Ding in Mandarin before opening their cards while playing baccarat, they’re  adhering to a superstition that they believe is going change their cards to better cards.

One very basic element runs through the bevy of superstitions in so much as none of them has ever been scientifically proven to work but it adds more fun to the whole idea of gambling. In the Chinese list which is formidable and sometimes strange there are at least eight rituals that can change one’s fortunes. To begin with eight is a lucky number among the Chinese gambling set because in Mandarin, the number sounds like the Chinese translation for “prosperity”.

Among things such as wearing something red during a gambling event is a positive move towards winning while knowing your numbers is also a factor. As mentioned the number eight is good luck but avoiding the number four is also a good move because the number sounds like the Cantonese word for “die” or “death”.

Not to mention the ancient philosophy of feng shui would be leaving out a huge part of the world of organized superstition. The old feng shui  rules regarding gambling can be adhered to while playing at online casinos except no one will notice if you have your back to the wall.

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