Sweden's Online Gambling Monopoly To Fund Research

Published Tuesday, April 08, 2014 - Online-Casinos.com
Sweden's Online Gambling Monopoly To Fund Research

There have been studies on problem gambling with the results being turned into valuable treatments drugs and therapies related to stemming the issue of excessive gambling. Online gambling can be particularly difficult to treat and assess due to the private nature of the activity.

Now Svenska Spel Sweden’s gambling monopoly has announced  it will take a "big step towards a healthier gaming market" by creating professorship to study the subject. Detailed research into the causes and effects of problem gambling will be done at the Lund University’s Faculty of Medicine a first for Sweden and the University.

Zenita Strandänger Head of Corporate Social Responsibility at Sweden’s government operated Svenska Spel, commented to Poker News, "It's part of our mission to work towards the prevention of gambling problems," Strandänger continued to add, "To learn more about how we best can prevent these issues we need knowledge and insight, and we hope the professorship will contribute with this."

Svenska Spel is budgeting €280,000 over the next five years to finance the new university allocation, which will begin later this year. It was also revealed that Svenska Spel is "likely" to extend this funding beyond the current five-year term.

Strandänger described the goal of the studies, "This is also a big step toward a healthier gaming market. We want the Swedish gaming market to develop in a way where the gambling companies care about the customer and where customers are given the opportunity to control their gambling.”  "Svenska Spel works for the prevention of problem gambling. We do that by offering different gaming tools – we are restrictive in our marketing of certain games that are considered problematic from a gaming responsibility perspective. We use education and information to explain the risks of gambling, and we support research."

Solving the problem is made complex because as Strandänger points out, "Much of gambling in Sweden takes place in unregulated online gambling sites that are beyond government control and supervision.”




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