Online Gambling Takes Security Seriously

Published Sunday, May 25, 2014 -
Online Gambling Takes Security Seriously

Online gambling depends a great deal on trust. The player who registers with on online gambling operator must be careful to look at the background of the gambling services provider to ensure the information that is being revealed is stored in a secure manner.

The internet has been seeing more and more violations regarding the security of personal information. Not long ago the personal information of Target customers was hacked and the personal information of customers stolen. Recently the eBay site was hacked and thousands of personal accounts became vulnerable. Cyber bandits after payment card data are advanced and persistent in their attacks and we have to be just as advanced and persistent in our defenses, relying not just on one layer of protections but many. No longer do we have the luxury of assuming our efforts are good enough, or that security just falls into one part of the business. This new frontier requires a cultural shift that builds security awareness and responsibility into every single job description across an organization.

The future of data security is of utmost importance for consumers and the online gambling business community. When making the choice of an online gambling operator it is critical that the internet punter takes the time to research the security features of the provider. is one source that provides the required information about a casino or sports book to ensure a stress free and secure environment in which to play. Regulation of online gambling is the best way to keep security standards at a high level keeping the bad actors away from the industry. Remembering when ever one provides personal information over the internet a really effective password should be used to mitigate the hacker’s efforts. It was recently reported for example that ‘password’ was used by as many as eight percent of consumers  so there is no wonder why these criminals have such an easy time getting what they want.

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