Daily Fantasy Online Sports Betting Coming on Strong

Published Wednesday, June 11, 2014 - Online-Casinos.com
Daily Fantasy Online Sports Betting Coming on Strong

Fantasy sports betting online has become bigger than most people ever imagined. The restrictions on regular online sports betting in the USA are great with only three States allowing for real money wagering. Fantasy sports fills the gap letting those who want to spend the time sorting through to teams and players and investing in a probable outcome.  Fantasy sports speculation has been compared to stock-market investing because there is a huge amount of information available that can be analysed and acted upon. It has also been compared to poker playing because it requires skill and not just luck.

A version of the activity was developed about five years ago. Called daily fantasy, it compresses the typical season-long fantasy league into one day. For example, instead of drafting a baseball team for the season and tracking the players over the course of six months, a daily fantasy contest is based on who can pick the best players for a single night's worth of games. A handful of startups have since drawn more than $100 million in venture capital. Daily fantasy's emergence also coincides with the rise of sports analytics, a once-obscure area that has revolutionized the industry in recent years.

Number crunching has become the hallmark of the winning players. Fantasy sports, is legal in all but five American states, and the leagues are all for it saying it drives television viewership and overall engagement among fans. Players of daily fantasy sports can be casual bettors but there are other more serious enthusiasts who are building analytical algorithms that are making them some serious money. A recent article in the Wall Street Journal detailed one such player named  Cory Albertson a twenty nine year old professional Daily Fantasy Sports player who uses tactics more familiar to a hedge-fund manager than to your average sports enthusiast. Albertson is earning thousands of dollars almost every day. One NFL Sunday, this young man netted more than $100,000. "It is like securities trading," Albertson explained, "and athletes are the commodities."


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