Portugal Set to Debate Proposed Online Gambling Law

Published Saturday, June 14, 2014 - Online-Casinos.com
Portugal Set to Debate Proposed Online Gambling Law

Portugal formally exited its eurozone bailout recently after three years of painful austerity that was the condition for it to receive 78bn euro in loan guarantees from the European Union and International Monetary Fund. To mark the date, the right-of-centre government called an extraordinary cabinet meeting whose single agenda item was the approval of a medium-term economic strategy. Part of that new attitude is the remodeling of gambling laws in the impoverished nation.

A final draft of Portugal's proposed online gaming law has been finalized by the Ministry of Economics and will be heading to the national parliament for debate before the parliament takes a break on July 10. According to recent reports the new online gaming law aims to legalize and regulate online poker, sports betting and online gambling in Portugal.

The proposed law, was ready for introduction to the national assembly back in February of 2013and then again in February of 2014. The Minister of the Presidency and of Parliamentary Affairs Luís Marques Guedes explained that the government is planning to bring the reformed first draft of the text to parliament by July 10, so that the assembly has an opportunity to debate it and proceed with a vote.

The revised proposal influenced by the current status of the country's finances may have convinced the government to pursue a more liberal approach to the new law.  Econòmico, has reported that the text to be presented to the Parliament in July would create a system like those established in other European countries such as Spain, Italy and France. In those jurisdictions a state-controlled gambling authority issues gambling licenses to operators that qualify to offer online gambling within the country.

Portugal's Deputy Prime Minister Paulo Portas explained back in 2013, that the plan to regulate online gambling was part of a project that aimed to increase tax revenues for the state.



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