Ladbrokes Facebook Social Sports Betting Competition

Published Sunday, June 15, 2014 -
Ladbrokes Facebook Social Sports Betting Competition

The very idea of gambling online is to have some fun taking a chance. That being said there is a great deal of money floating around the planet these days that governments acquire from the taxes and licensing fees allowing companies to sell wagering products over the internet. Small island nations as well as larger European countries have latched onto the concept that internet commerce is the future.

Firms that still do offer betting old school with the shop on the corner are also seeing the need to get on with online gambling. Ladbrokes is almost as old as it gets when it comes to bookies and it sees the future. The company has been around since 1886 as commission agents for horses trained at Ladbroke Hall in Worcestershire England. The name Ladbrokes was adopted in 1902 when one Arthur Bendir joined the partnership and operations were moved to London.

It was recently announced that Ladbrokes has come up with a strategy to give the customer something to play with on the Fifa World Cup by launching a bespoke Facebook application. This app looks good as it takes its sourcing design from those in the communities betting on the tournaments each day. The ‘BIG Score’ app is a crowd-sourced, free-to-play, accumulator-style betting competition. The community prize pool can be entered by selecting one of five daily bets as was explained by Once a player has entered they will also become eligible for a daily prize draw.

The competition is accessed via the Facebook page for Ladbrokes with the big prize for the overall champion bettor being awarded £5,000 and two second place winners will each take home £1,000. An additional £3,000 will be awarded as instant wins throughout the friendly competition.

The Social Media Manager at Ladbrokes, David Moscardini, commented, “Brazil 2014 will be the most social media-dominant World Cup, and probably sporting event, of all time so we hope our Facebook-run contest will tap into the social buzz and give our community added enjoyment to complement their TV watching and gaming activity.”


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