Belgian Gaming Commission Online Gambling Concerns

Published Monday, June 16, 2014 -
 Belgian Gaming Commission Online Gambling Concerns

The Belgian Gaming Commission’s open letter to the next government of the country requests for further restriction of the gaming industry and for a tightening of the legal framework has been the cause of distress among current government leaders. The already strictly regulated gambling industry in Belgium should be further limited, says the Belgian Gaming Commission.

The BGC states in the open letter that gambling cannot be considered “as a normal economic activity“.  The BGC letter criticizes the government’s current gambling policy on several points. One argument states that there is a lack of reliable identity controls for players. This undermines the legal principle in place stating that persons involved in a collective debt procedure are prohibited from participating in games of chance for which one must register. The BGC has asked for an improved control of online identities on the basis of the national registration number of players.

With regard to the potential for underage gambling online by minors the Commission brings up the subject of social online gaming. The government doesn’t seem willing to tackle the subject of social gaming and hasn’t paid much attention to the subject of regulating the social gaming industry although draft legislation related to this aspect of gambling has already been presented by the BGC to the current administration.

The third request is that there should be further restrictions on the gambling industry.  The present Belgian legislation aims at providing the Belgian player with a limited legal offer of games of chance, however, the BGC is suggesting that the Belgian government is more interested in the revenue coming from gambling activities than effectively limiting the legal offer. The Commission is calling for more active prosecuting of the Belgium punter gambling elsewhere which seems out of line with the current scope of the legislation. Belgium already has a black list of online gambling companies that do not comply with Belgium gambling law.





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