New Jersey Online Sports Betting Appeal Thrown Out

Published Tuesday, June 24, 2014 -
New Jersey Online Sports Betting Appeal Thrown Out

New Jersey has been pushing the norm since it began to offer online gambling to punters who are located in the Garden State. June 23 2014 brought more problems to the state regarding its insistence that it should be legal to provide betting on sporting events in New Jersey. The governor of the State Chris Christie was told by the Supreme Court that it wouldn't consider his bid to revive the state's sports wagering law.

The decline which was written in an order by the court said it refuses to review the ruling handed down last year that disallowed the State of New Jersey to offer legal betting on sports. A 1992 federal law  bars most states from licensing such wagers with the exception of  Nevada because it opted for sports betting when the law was introduced. New Jersey's argued that that the federal law was unconstitutional but the idea was rejected by the appeals court. New Jersey held a referendum on sports wagering in 2011 which resulted in a law allowing for sports betting with some restrictions.

Christie has been seeking some change in the federal law on the grounds that the federal law intruded on New Jersey's sovereignty and impermissibly caused discrimination among the states. Christie was up against some stiff opposition with regards to this appeal. The top professional sports leagues such as the NFL and the NBA as well as the National Collegiate Athletic Association took legal action to stop the appeal. They argued that state-sponsored gambling threatened the integrity of their games. Obama‚Äôs administration intervened on the side of the leagues to defend the constitutionality of federal ban on sports betting. The sports groups have won for the time being after they argued that New Jersey had a one-year opportunity window in 1992 to start sports betting and receive an exemption, something  New Jersey decided back then not to partake of.

Where Christie will take this issue now seems to be a mystery now that his legal avenues have been exhausted.


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