U.K. Guardian Offers Online Gambling Link

Published Monday, July 21, 2014 - Online-Casinos.com
U.K. Guardian Offers Online Gambling Link

Just last December a newspaper in the United Kingdom the venerable Guardian, launched an online betting web location that offers sports wagering and the ponies. Gowager is an interactive betting service that allows readers to place a bet from their screen. The commercial arm of the Guardian encouraged subscribers via e mail "to follow a link to an online gambling site, Gowager".

It appears the paper may have crossed an ethical line in the sand. There have been some readers that have taken offence to being targeted for this kind of advertizing. A reader by the name of Mr. Thompson wrote a letter to the Guardian explaining his distaste for the paper’s decision to involve itself in gambling on Boxing Day he was subject to an email from the Guardian. "It seemed highly inappropriate that a socially responsible newspaper should encourage online gambling at all – but that they should do it in the form [of] an unsolicited email on a day when people may feel either reckless or bored, or else be facing up to the debts induced by Christmas spending, left me feeling quite shocked,"

Mr Thompson was asked by reporter Chris Elliot  whether he objected to any kind of betting advertising Mr.Thompson commented, "In a perfect world, I would prefer that gambling in all its forms was not advertised by anyone – but recognise that different people might find ethical grounds for banning everything from cars to chocolates. So while I might wish it were otherwise, I would not consider making a complaint because the newspaper carried advertising for gambling. My motivation to complain came from the fact that in this case gambling was, to all intents and purposes, being actively promoted by the Guardian itself." (The original email was from Guardian Offers.) "In my mind it has crossed the line from merely bearing an advertisement for a service to actually encouraging its readers to take up gambling."



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