Online Gambling Reform Coming to Mexico

Published Thursday, September 04, 2014 -
Online Gambling Reform Coming to Mexico

Latin America represents one of the largest gambling markets in the world. The fact that much of that market is unregulated has not gone unnoticed by governments who are eager to capitalize on the lucrative revenues generated by the activity.

Mexico is an example in point that has not kept up with laws regarding gambling in today’s virtual world. Mexican Gaming Commission President Fernando Zarate Salgado, has announced that a new set of rules for gambling in Mexico will be introduced in the Mexican House of Representatives on September 9. The new legislation was developed by a special commission specifically created to rewrite Mexico’s old gambling laws. The concept was to build consensus across the various party lines to quickly approve the much needed changes in the current regulations. Industry representatives, businesses, academics and even anti-gambling groups all contributed to the formulation of the proposed legislation.

Poker players are particularly interested in the new rules which are expected to include the game, as well as other forms of online betting. Poker pro Angel Guillen recently told PokerNews “Mexican regulars play a lot of online poker and we have a lot of underground games,” Guillen continued,  “Few casinos have electronic tables and there are also a couple of poker rooms that operate in a grey-area. They are not 100 percent legal, but they are not totally illegal either.”

Mr. Zarate explained that the new laws will increase the minimum age to play in Mexican casinos to the age of twenty one, and operators will be able to apply for ten-year licenses which will only be available for renewal once. Strict controls will be in place for those organizations applying  for licenses to operate casinos.  It is expected that the legislation will be approved by September 20.

Poker pro Christian de Leon told PokerNews Latin America, “Everything depends on the new reform, as that could soon introduce some important changes in the country,”



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