Online Betting Heats Up For Formula One Punters

Published Wednesday, September 10, 2014 -
Online Betting Heats Up For Formula One Punters

The month of September is shaping up to be a great one for those who bet on motor sports. The international high end formula one races have been really exciting with only six more races to come there is lots of speculation going on. Lewis Hamilton is hoping his Italian Grand Prix victory has provided him with the tools required  to again set up Nico Rosberg. However he is wary of Mercedes'  technical  issues coming back to give him trouble.

Hamilton put the feud with Rosberg behind him two weeks previously in Belgium to take an eventful chequered flag at Monza. Hamilton now trails Rosberg by 22 points, which may appear a slender margin but he knows there can be no room for error or further mechanical problems.

It has been a difficult tour for Hamilton who experienced cylinder failure in the opening race in Australia, brake failures in Canada and Germany and a fuel leak that caused a fire in Hungary. In the wake of his recent win, it was suggested that that the balance of power may have shifted in Hamilton’s favour.

Hamilton does take the approach that he is very far ahead if maybe he is and time will tell. The driver said about Rosberg still being in the pole position, given he has a lead to defend "You can be relaxed when you've a cushion like that. " Rosberg's double mistake into the first chicane during the Monza race and then the second was when he was being pressured by Hamilton which actually cost him the win, seemed to suggest he could be starting to lose his edge.

Some people booed at Rosberg when he was on the podium collecting his second place trophy at the last race. Mercedes motorsport boss Toto Wolff has also called on the fans to lay off his driver, who he feels is being affected by the situation.



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