USA Mid-term Elections Online Gambling in the Balance

Published Tuesday, November 04, 2014 -
USA Mid-term Elections Online Gambling in the Balance

Democracy is a fragile thing and when it comes to the amount of money thrown at causes changes are possible. The candidate with the most backing doesn’t always win but in America the amount of cash put into campaigns does have an impact on the results. Issues in the USA such as online gambling legalization have polarized the population which can turn elections into real knock down drag out battles for supremacy.  Lobbying is a way of life in the States where the lobbying efforts of very wealthy people influence political outcomes.

The 2014 midterm elections in the USA could be one of the most important elections for American gamblers. The situation in the US regarding online gambling legislation is coming to a head with the efforts of multi billionaire Sheldon Adelson to have online betting banned completely in America gaining traction among his preferred politicians.

It has been suggested that should the Republicans take over the Senate the bill to prohibit online gambling may have a chance of being approved. Gamblers in the States are being urged to vote against the Republican candidates to send a message to Capitol Hill that gambler's rights should be upheld. Examples of those candidates backed by Adelson who anyone who is in favour of allowing legal online gambling in the US should vote against are many. Lindsay Graham the South Carolina senator is one that should be regarded as a potential threat mainly because of his sponsorship of S2159 "Restoration of America's Wire Act." Graham also wants to monitor all internet usage by Americans and give all data over to the Federal government.

Rick Scott from Florida is also a fan of Adelson’s proposal with his letter to those on Capitol Hill stating similar concerns that Adelson has regarding the legalization of online gambling. There are other Republican candidates that pose significant threats to internet betting in America and it is the voter who can make the difference. It will be interesting to see the outcome after billions of dollars are spent on these mid-term elections.

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