Anti Online Gambling Plan Stalls on Capital Hill

Published Thursday, November 20, 2014 -
Anti Online Gambling Plan Stalls on Capital Hill

The battle to have online gambling prohibited completely in the USA has been raging for some time now and the political scene in that country is slowly creeping closer to the prospect of prohibited online gambling becoming a reality.

Multi billionaire Sheldon Adelson’s campaign to have internet betting banned has been funded by his enormous fortune which Mr.Adelson has been using  to lobby and persuade politicians to vote for a federal law that would keep players in the States from participating in the activity.

The lame duck session on Capitol Hill in Washington has resulted in the House Republican leadership announcing that the move to Restore America’s Wire Act would not be heard this session. According to various news sources attempting to navigate the bill through the House Judiciary Committee and onto the House floor for debate in the time constraints posed by the holiday breaks was not feasible. Attempts to include this bill in a in a larger bill were also negated as the time constraints also would not allow it to progress through Judiciary.

Supporters of an Internet gambling prohibition deny they are motivated by the influence of Mr. Adelson. Some proponents of the ban are claiming that legalizing online gambling will allow criminals and possibly terrorists from benefiting. Making playing at online casinos illegal will not stop the demand for online gambling. Alternatively, with the passage of this legislation the online gambling market will be driven underground into the hands of the unscrupulous. Regulated online gambling has been proven to be a safer option than the prohibition position. Supporters of the ban on online gambling really think that gambling is an immoral and destructive activity that should be outlawed.

Critics of the ban have pointed out if this unconstitutional infringement is passed it will give even more powers to the federal government to curtail civil liberties and that will likely expand surveillance on individuals in a free democratic country.


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