First Online Gambling Bitcoin Conference London

Published Monday, November 24, 2014 -
First Online Gambling Bitcoin Conference London

When it comes to things that have changed online gambling in its brief history virtual currency use is significant. The introduction of Bitcoin to the mix of payment options is challenging the industry in ways the punter never imagined years before. To facilitate more understanding between Bitcoin use and the online gambling industry event organizers iGaming Business announced back in September they would present a conference dealing with the subject.

Bitcoin4iGaming is the first conference to address the two industries and its starts today Monday, November 24th in London England. The conference will be covering subjects such as why Bitcoin is such a good fit for internet betting, regulatory issues, Bitcoin use in other industries, and the future of digital currencies and other alternative currencies. This conference brings the virtual currency world and online gambling together in an attempt to eliminate the friction in online gambling payment processing and promote the adoption of digital currencies for online transactions.

The one day conference will be happening appropriately at the Dexter House (The Old Royal Mint) at No.2 Royal Mint Court Tower Hill London. Jon Matonis a Board Member of the Bitcoin Foundation with many other impressive credentials in the industry is a featured speaker at Bitcoin 4 iGaming. Matonis is a real Bitcoin promoter who has made his preference for this particular alternative digital payment method his clear choice. On speaking about the introduction of Bitcoin he said, “BTC has incredible potential in the gaming world.”

Other alternative digital currencies, will be another topic of discussion at Bitcoin 4 iGaming. Matonis is not a big supporter of other forms of crypto money saying, “In the worst sense, alt-coins are a distraction and they divert attention and resources away from Bitcoin (which is the preferred leader). One good thing about alt-coins is that they can act as an experimental test bed for new features that may be able to be incorporated into Bitcoin.”


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