Norwegian Online Gambling Toughens Up

Published Thursday, December 11, 2014 -
Norwegian Online Gambling Toughens Up

In Norway gambling is strictly controlled by the Ministry of Culture and Church affairs and they have determined that gambling in Norway is basically illegal unless your operations are licensed by the State. Norwegian citizens are allowed to play keno bet on sports and buy lottery tickets and play the ponies just as long as it is done under the rules set down for Norsk Tipping and Norsk Rikstoto the only companies allowed to offer betting services in Norway.

Norsk Tipping is the only entity to offer legal online betting and all other foreign offerings are illegal. Policing this policy has proved to be somewhat difficult to control by government officials so in 2010 the government passed a law that forced all banks in Norway to deny gambling services consumers the use of credit and debit cards in land or online casinos globally. Norwegian citizens are also required to declare tax winnings obtained in another jurisdiction.

Now those measures are still proving to be ineffective so Norway’s Ministry of Justice has recommended that Norway’s government and gambling regulators turn up the heat on the illegal operators. A recent publication of a study from the Ministry revealed that about 10% of its current market betting were processed through unlicensed operators online.

Norway’s Ministry of Justice has concluded that the government must do more to stop online gambling transactions by money processors and further reach into the records kept by Norwegian banks regarding transactions to and from online gambling operators that aim their products at Norwegians.

Another concern the Ministry of Justice has is with media and advertizing companies that promote and sell illegal in Norway online gambling for casinos and sports betting. The Ministry advised that broadcasters and media outlets should receive severe fines for promoting and the marketing of unlicensed products for online betting operations. Whether these recommendations will be acted upon remains to be seen.




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