Online Poker Rewards Reduced in UK

Published Thursday, December 25, 2014 -
Online Poker Rewards Reduced in UK

Reward programs are common in all sorts of enterprises and when it comes to online gambling some of these recognition programs are truly outstanding. Those who enjoy the promised rewards for playing at certain sites for a certain length of time know how it can be fun to get a bonus of some sort.

It is for example a known fact that some of these rewards and points become extinct in the blink of an eye. The reward system that has been a positive incentive for many online poker players and has kept sites such as Full Tilt Poker in the public eye is about to change.

Unfortunately the United Kingdom has implemented a new tax regime which is already having repercussions in the online poker world. Full Tilt Poker has revealed there will be a reduction in rewards for UK players because of the UK point of consumption tax. A full as 20 percent reduction has been announced coming into effect December 16. That’s a reduction from ten points for every dollar raked to eight points. The twenty percent also applies to all VIP members across the board.

Loyal Black Card member’s rates are also affected with members now able to convert any Full Tilt Points to cash at the adjusted to $1 for every 250 Full Tilt Points. Previously the rate was $1 for every 200 of the online poker room’s points. Black Card players are saying that they have not been notified of the changes in the conversion rates.

Many poker players from the Full Tilt Poker site are saying they are not happy with how the changes were presented after Full Tilt announced it had no plans to reduce any VIP benefits. Poker players are also saying that Full Tilt only notified them of the changes the same day the new rates were being imposed.








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