Two More US Jurisdictions Propose Legal Online Gambling

Published Thursday, January 15, 2015 -
Two More US Jurisdictions Propose Legal Online Gambling

The USA is still considered one of the biggest markets in the world for online gambling services and the  f legality issue is still a stumbling block in many American states. Nevada, Delaware and New Jersey do have forms of online gambling legalized and other US jurisdictions are considering legislation to allow internet betting to thrive. Washington and Mississippi are the latest states to propose online gambling in the legislature in efforts to make it legal.

Introduced by Representative Sherry Appleton, in Washington the proposition bill deals with online poker similar to the legal limitations in Nevada where all forms of online gambling have not been sanctioned by law. In 2006 Washington state actually passed a law that made it a felony to play online poker there. The introduction of House Bill 1114 has been pushed by Curtis Woodward a member of  the Washington iPoker Initiative. The group has been lobbying the state to make certain aspects of  online gambling legal.

Woodward commented on the initiative, “For too long, the state has taken a harsh stand against, and then turned a blind eye to, internet poker.” Adding, “This state allows us to play poker in Tribal casinos and licensed card rooms, but considers us felons if we play from the privacy of our homes on our computers. This is not only silly, it is ineffective, as players continue to play on sites operated from outside the state’s reach, and without any real consumer protections.” Woodward continued, “But by allowing reputable operators to serve WA State players, under the regulations set forth and with wilful compliance, sketchy offshore sites will be displaced from the market, allowing players to have protections instead of prosecution, and with oversight by the Gambling Commission, while keeping those dollars spent on internet poker in our state, instead of leaving for shady shores.”

Although in Mississippi the efforts by Representative Bobby Moak to have online gambling legalized have gone unsupported the last three times The Mississippi Lawful Internet Gaming Act of 2015 has been reintroduced in that state.




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