Online Gambling Analytics Push

Published Sunday, January 18, 2015 -
Online Gambling Analytics Push

There is a great deal of industries associated in some way or another to the internet which drives the push to find more meaning in data and technology.  The online gambling industry is one such entity which has this drive and it relies on recognizing what information is important. The information requirements of one type of gambling on the internet may be very different from another. The many technological advances coming to us in the future will no doubt be incorporated into the virtual experience.

It is interesting how the business of online gambling has attracted many professionals that deal with statistics, trends and algorithms. These mathematicians have created an environment that make betting on the internet safe and reliable. The advent of virtual social networks is relatively new to the academic world so there are some smart people looking into monetizing social online gambling.

Lloyd Melnick Sr Director with Zynga's social casino org who described himself as a profit-oriented executive and creative consumer behavior expert said he has been leaning about “heavy tail distribution,” a phenomenon typical in a large-scale networks. Summarizing, a heavy tail distribution means there is a clustering of vertices (users) with a very low number of connections but a long tail of vertices (users) who have a lot of contacts. Thus, in the case of a typical network the large majority of users have only a few Friends but there is a long tail of people who have a lot of friends (say over 1,000). These social people are called “Connectors” in network language. What is interesting is that this structure, which again is typical of large-scale networks, is effectively the inverse of a traditional bell shape distribution, which would show a few users at the low end, a peak (the top of the bell) and then quickly trail off. There is no question about it, information like this can be worth gold to start up social online gambling  operators.



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