Denmark Says Problem Online Gambling Under Control

Published Tuesday, February 03, 2015 -
Denmark Says Problem Online Gambling Under Control

A recent article in Denmark’s Copenhagen Post news source has brought a problem to light that has serious implications for the online gambling industry. A significant rise in gambling addiction among the youthful demographic in Denmark has been detected. There was a 350 percent increase of people under 24 who received treatment for gambling addiction in 2013 compared to 2007.

This stunning revelation was echoed by Christina Ilsø Metral, a project development consultant with Center for Ludomani who said, "There are more temptations than ever,” Ilsø Metral continued, “We see it in commercials on the street and online. When there are so many temptations, there will be some pitfalls. Now we can see that a good portion of young people are being affected.” The issues can be social as well as financial, and the current laws are inadequate said the consultant who pointed out that the issues can be serious for young people.

A report from the Nordic centre for problem gambling, the Center for Ludomani published last September revealed that the number of problem gamblers in Denmark had increased tenfold since 2006. The study which was conducted by Megafon in conjunction with Bjerg Kommunikation and developed with Mountain Communications claims that seven percent of the population in Denmark is at risk of becoming problem gamblers. The Minister for Taxation Benny Engelbrecht, said back in September the results of the study are significant. “I take this very seriously,” Engelbrecht was quoted as saying, “Too many Danes may be at risk of becoming gambling addicts. We cannot turn a blind eye.”

Apparently the situation concerning youth gambling addiction is under control in the online gambling sector, but need more action controlling young people using kiosks to wager in. Ilsø Metral commented, ”It's under control online, but at the kiosks there isn't that control at all,” Metral added,  ”We hope the area will be tightened up because there is clearly a need for it.”


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