German Online Gambling Laws Still Being Questioned

Published Friday, February 13, 2015 -
German Online Gambling Laws Still Being Questioned

The internet gambling industry has jurisdictions that are not compliant with regulatory platforms imposed by government. The European Union is making some progress in regions that have been sticking to old rules and ignoring the idea of free e commerce trade among members. Germany has been bucking the policies recommended by the European Commission and has maintained its independence with regards to the rules for online gambling operators.

The European Court of Justice brought the issue to a head and in order to comply Germany issued twenty online sports betting licences in 2012. With a change of administration in Germany a year later, the northern German state of Schleswig-Holstein repealed the pro-online gambling legislation it had introduced and most forms of online gambling were prohibited again.

At a recent dinner meeting hosted by German Association of Telecommunications and Media it was revealed that online gambling operators were banding together to decry the German legislation on online gambling currently in place. This forty industry experts at its 7th Annual Executive Dinner in Munich were invited to discuss topics related to online poker for example.

Amaya Gaming´s Head of Communications, Eric Hollreiser was there as the representative for PokerStars the latest member of the organization. Mr. Hollreiser commented on the reasoning behind his company joining the German Association of Telecommunications and Media, “The industry can only work together to develop an effective impact and we very much hope that other companies will follow suit and join the association. The common goal is a consumer-oriented, legally compliant and EU compliant regulation of the German online gaming market.”

 John Agnew a UK member of the European Parliament also voiced his concerns that the E.U. regulations were not been adhered to by Germany. A tabled question to the European Parliament asked why Germany had failed to prove how its online gambling laws were compliant.

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