US Online Fantasy Sports Betting Firms Disagree

Published Thursday, March 26, 2015 -
US Online Fantasy Sports Betting Firms Disagree

The online gambling industry has a stray element called fantasy sports betting which for all intents and purposes is legal in the US jurisdiction. Sports bodies are falling into the fray by getting involved with various companies that supply the framework for fantasy sports betting which has become big business especially in the USA where regular legal gambling on sporting events in limited to a few areas in America.

The firms that are striving to capture the revenue stream provided by fantasy sports wagering are competing for recognition and market share. A recent decision by the National Advertising Division recommends that DraftKings a US located fantasy sports betting web location remove the claim that it is the largest fantasy sports site based in the States. “DraftKings provides an interactive and captivating platform for consumers that enhances a fan’s ability to become involved in the sports world,” DraftKings President Chris Granger said in a recent statement. The National Advertising Division of the Council of Better Business Bureaus in the United States and Canada reviews factual claims made in national advertisements. They offer alternative dispute resolution services for advertisers, typically reaching a conclusion within 90 days of a filing. Compliance with findings is voluntary however.

The argument was raised by competitor fantasy sports betting firm FanDuel saying that It is false advertising by DraftKings when it claims to be the “largest U.S.-based destination for daily fantasy sports.” DraftKings  made the assertion in defense of its claim that Fan Duel was not an American based web location.

FanDuel is incorporated in Delaware, has its bank accounts are located in America, while it maintains headquarters in New York City. The company’s website and mobile applications are hosted on servers within the USA, and the terms of use and privacy policy are governed by the laws of the USA.

 DraftKings, reportedly said that it “respectfully disagreed” with the agency’s recommendation.








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