Quebec Moves To Censor 'Illegal' Online Gambling Sites

Published Saturday, March 28, 2015 -
Quebec Moves To Censor 'Illegal' Online Gambling Sites

Canada is one jurisdiction similar to others that has laws prohibiting online gambling at web sites other than those offered by the provincial government agencies but those laws are often disregarded by wagering citizens.

Some jurisdictions employ a form of censorship called internet blocking to achieve compliance of the online betting laws which in some instances are against the actual laws of the countries which impose the blocking techniques. The provincial government of Quebec Canada has made online gambling available but is still experiencing a relatively low turnout because gamblers continue to access offshore web locations that offer more games and bonuses.

It was recently revealed that the government of Quebec is planning a move to introduce a law that will require internet providers to block access to gambling websites. Premier Phillippe Couillard announced during the provincial budget presentation that the province is cracking down on “illegal online gambling” web locations by requiring internet service providers to block or censor gambling sites that compete with the Loto Quebec gambling location.

The proposed blocking may hold a difficult legal position says University of Ottawa internet law professor Michael Geist who postulated that the blocking measures are “possibly illegal” because, while gambling on them may be illegal for those residents of Quebec, while viewing gambling websites is not illegal.

“To legislate blocking for commercial gain sets a dangerous Canadian precedent,” Geist said in his blog.

“Once blocking gaming and gambling sites is established, it is easy to envision the government requiring blocking of sites that are alleged to infringe copyright or blocking e-commerce sites that are not bilingual or do not pay provincial taxes.” The Quebec government new budget clearly points to improving the bottom line for the province-run Loto Quebec. It has been suggested that the blocking measures will increase the corporation’s revenue by $13.5 million in 2016-2017 and $27 million in coming years.


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