Interactive Sports Betting Proposal in The USA

Published Wednesday, April 15, 2015 -
Interactive Sports Betting Proposal in The USA

America has many jurisdictions and every gambler knows there are different rules in all of them. Las Vegas Nevada the Silver State is well known as the place to wager and be entertained. The casinos are plenty and are they are amazing examples of the fantasy that can be had in so called sin city.

The Federal government in the USA has banned wagering on professional sports in all those other jurisdictions except Nevada, Delaware, Montana, and Oregon. Nevada has been looking at a possible NBA or NHL franchise adding to the excitement of possible wagering while in the seat watching the games live. Adam Silver, the NBA commissioner, says he supports legalizing sports gambling.

The reasoning is twofold first because there is a great deal of offshore sports betting in the States. Gambling on sports offered from other countries such as the United Kingdom or Costa Rica has been  estimated to be somewhere between $80 and $380 billion annually all illegally gambled with offshore online bookies by sports betting consumers in the USA.

Silver also said that legalization in the States would make tracking unusual betting patterns much easier. Silver did concede that the more money going into gambling presents greater temptation for corruption by players, referees, and others involved in professional sports.

The other side of the legalize sports betting coin is the popularity of fantasy sports betting as pointed out by Dennis Coates, a professor of economics at the University of Maryland who studies sports business. Coates says. "It's things like" The "daily fantasy sports" site, not technically considered gambling, that allows users to effectively bet on individual players' statistics in each game, and took in some $57 million in profits in 2014. .Coates continued, "The leagues recognize that there's an enormous revenue source to tap into if they can figure out a way to allow on-site betting," he added, "I think it can be done, and eventually it will be done."


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