Online Sports Books Ready for 'Fight of the Century'

Published Friday, May 01, 2015 -
Online Sports Books Ready for 'Fight of the Century'

Today is the last day for punters to decide who they will put their money on during the fight of the century between Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao to be held on May the 2nd at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas Nevada. Sports books have made it clear there are many bets to be had on this monumental event. The two fighters have been described as having sublime speed against an impenetrable defense with the odds favouring Floyd Mayweather.

The hype surrounding this boxing match rivals any other event including the US football championship Super Bowl. The number of bets on Mayweather have been larger but the quantity of wagers has been allocated to the Manny Pacquiao camp according to online sports books. Betting on the underdog is a characteristic of the everyday boxing fan so Pacquiao is seeing a heartfelt betting volume that seems to be moved by the public’s aversion to Mayweather’s brash character.

It has been suggested that round betting is a good idea because the odds being offered are large. Money on the Pacman is heavy on the later rounds with most punters expecting him to be down on points late and looking for a knockout for a win. The general consensus among the experts on boxing is that Mayweather may suffer more than he has before but will still take the Filipino congressman down. This event has the experts divided with the technical proponents saying that the hard to take Mayweather Jr. is the better fighter but the passion for the win goes to Pacquiao.

Even though the interest in the sport of boxing has become diminished in the USA lately there is still an strong interest in this fight. Some critics that are cynical say the fight will end in a draw so the promoters and the fighters can come back and make even more millions. It is possible the event will draw fans back to the sport and revenue back to the bookies.





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