Canada's Sports Betting Bill C290 Approved By NBA

Published Thursday, June 18, 2015 -
Canada's Sports Betting Bill C290 Approved By NBA

The legality of online gambling in Canada is clear it is illegal to bet on sites other than those authorized by the provincial or federal governments. In the case of sports betting there has been an ongoing debate that points out just how slow and sometimes confusing law making is in Canada. The introduction of Bill C290 sports betting legislation that would allow Canada to legalize single-game sports betting was passed through the House of Commons three years ago but has failed to pass through the Upper House Senate to become law.

Opposition towards the Bill was swift and hard with many of the major sporting organizations from the US and Canada making it known they were not in favour of the changes in the current laws regarding sports betting. Now the National Basketball Association has dropped its opposition to the proposed change but this action comes far too late with the government breaking for the summer, an election coming in October, so it is clear legislation that doesn’t pass will have to start from the beginning again in the House of Commons.

The Canadian Gaming Association released a statement recently urging the Senate to pass the C-290 sports betting legislation. The NBA issued a Statement to the Senate of Canada’s Legal and Constitutional Affairs Committee this June 2015 it said,

“Consistent with the NBA’s current position regarding legalizing sports betting in the United States, the NBA is no longer opposed to legalized sports betting in Canada as long as there is an appropriate legislative framework that protects the integrity of the game under strict regulatory requirements and technological safeguards.”

The National Hockey League, the National Football League and Major League Baseball officials have all said they do not want betting on sports in Canada. C-290 would amend Canada’s Criminal Code to repeal the restriction on single-game sports betting. International online sports books all have better offerings open to Canadian punters but not legally.




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