Gambling Restrictions Proposed in Czech Republic

Published Friday, August 07, 2015 -
Gambling Restrictions Proposed in Czech Republic

In many jurisdictions the law prohibits the proliferation of gambling whether it is on land or in cyberspace. The prohibition of gambling has created controversy because those who like to gamble call the laws restricting it unfair and a form of censorship.

The Czech Republic has recently been the subject of a revue with regards to the habits of Czech punters. It has been suggested that there are too many opportunities to gamble in that country. Cabinet has adopted a variety of proposals that would remove gambling machines from restaurants and pubs, outlaw 24-hour gaming bars and force betters to take a break.

The Director of the Czech branch of Transparency International, a non-governmental political corruption watchdog, David Ondráčka,thinks the proposals for restrictions are good, he commented, “Today it seems that the government reached a useful compromise over the depth of the legislation and we as NGOs which called for comprehensive legislation are happy about that decision. Needless to say there will still be a further legislative process and we will see how parliament will go through that. My impression is that this proposal might really set up a standard regulatory framework for lotteries and casinos in the country and the Czech Republic will no longer be exceptional in the numbers of addicted people and the social costs connected to that will go down.”

Ondráčka continued, “We would love to see that the government logic is that we should not collect as much taxes as possible from gambling but that we should limit it to a reasonable scope. If this is going to happen, then the slogan that the Czech Republic works as the casino of Europe will no longer be the case and I definitely think that it will help the country and its development,” SPELOS the Czech gaming association maintains that the more restrictions placed on land-based gambling, the more Czech punters will use internet gambling sites.


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