Online Sports Betting Problems Growing in Australia

Published Friday, August 14, 2015 -
Online Sports Betting Problems Growing in Australia

The online gambling industry is growing in leaps and bounds all over the world due to some extent on the bonuses and incentives offered by competing operators. Competition for customers and the need to retain those consumers has led to online gambling operators giving away prizes that punter’s use frequently to get acquainted with the multitude of offerings.

Teams of professional marketing people create new and exciting programs to entice and retain newcomers to the online gambling industry. An interesting article has appeared in Australian media where the growth of online sports betting and the ensuing social problems are examined. Melbourne's Gambler's Help Southern has reported a threefold increase in the number of clients accessing the help centre in the last few years. Tony Clarkson, the clinical services manager commented on the situation, 'We've had clients who have because of sports betting, their relationships ... have ended. They have lost friends. They've lost property. They've lost income, jobs. They've lost everything.' Two more large help services organizations have also reported significant increases in sports betting individuals looking for help.  Sydney's St. Vincent's Hospital Gambling Treatment Program, noted the demand for help had more than doubled. The Sydney University Gambling Treatment Clinic, said the client list was close to a one hundred percent increase. Stats indicate that its youth in Australia mostly males who are being enticed into the online sports betting environment with free offers, bonuses and more.

Access to sports betting sites via mobile smart phones is part of the reason for the huge increase in online betting but there are firms working hard to maintain and attract the would be punter. Now sports betting has become a part of everyday activity for many young gamblers who see adverts and enticements wherever they go on the internet and in other media outlets. Trying to avoid peer involvement and media hype is difficult for the gambler who is trying to play responsibly.



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