Online Poker Players Get New Full Tilt Rewards

Published Saturday, August 15, 2015 -
Online Poker Players Get New Full Tilt Rewards

Playing casino games and poker online has been lucrative for operators who have kept up with the latest in technology and beyond that operators also like to keep customers coming back. The use of reward programs in the marketing of goods and services of all sorts is relatively common. Companies use incentives that give consumers points in return for their loyalty which can be redeemed for services travel and other items. In the old days it was coupons that were pasted in a book that could be redeemed for dishes or towels.

The poker rooms and casinos on the internet also have player reward programmes which are beneficial for the operator in so much that information is obtained and loyalty and the consumer wins too.

A new rewards programme has been established by the Full Tilt Poker room where the participant gets the chance to win shares of larger progressive jackpots regularly. Amaya’s Full Tilt will give the customer  the choice of either the current ‘Edge’ programme or the new ‘Players Club’. Featured in the new rewards programme players will be introduced to a game called ‘The Deal’ that includes a progressive jackpot that starts at one hundred grand as well as prizes and cash. There is much more to the new programme but those who want to stay with the Edge incentive package will have access to a new three-tier system. Edge players will be given the opportunity to make more rewards point if they engage in certain games that offer bonuses for starting and sustaining the play.

The Full Tilt blog described the offering, “We believe our decision to make these changes is in the best interests of the game and our players, will set Full Tilt apart from the competition, and will ultimately help balance the poker ecosystem,”


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