Maltese Online Gambling Authority Changes Direction

Published Friday, August 21, 2015 -
Maltese Online Gambling Authority Changes Direction

Malta is considered an important online gambling hub in the midst of other centers that license and regulate the industry. Whenever the Maltese authorities make changes to their policies regarding regulations for internet betting the rest of the online gambling community takes notice.

Back on the 8th of July, 2014 Malta requested an opinion from the European Court of Justice regarding  to the compatibility of the Council of Europe Convention on the Manipulation of Sports Competitions with the existing E.U. Treaties. The Convention defined “illegal sports betting” as any wager or bet made through an operator that is not approved by a member state. The Convention on the Manipulation of Sports Competitions is configured to help combat efforts to corrupt or compromise athletic competitions. Steps have been employed by the Convention to aid in the communication between national and international sports groups, regulators and operators which monitor closely unusual betting activity and are able to act quickly.

Malta did not vote for implementation of the Convention because of the definition of ‘Illegal gambling’ and maintained the focus of the enforcement should be on those entirely unregulated operators.  

Malta has now removed its request for an opinion, choosing to go with a legislative process in the Council of Europe in an attempt to initiate change in the Convention. Malta’s Parliamentary Secretary for Competitiveness José Herrera commented on the direction of the Authority, “Given the developing circumstances, and after examining the legislative proposal, Malta considers that other solutions may be available to it and has decided that, at this stage, it is more appropriate to try to achieve an acceptable state of affairs for Malta through deeper dialogue at the European level, without however renouncing to any of Malta'’ rights and prerogatives,”

Malta is currently undergoing a reflective process of its regulatory process after the arrest of a group of criminal illegal online gambling operators from Italy.



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