Studies Conclude Regulated Online Gambling Beneficial

Published Saturday, August 22, 2015 -
Studies Conclude Regulated Online Gambling Beneficial

The online gambling industry is the subject of many studies by organizations around the world that attempt to determine whether online betting is good or bad. Most of the institutions that do these extensive reviews are academic and draw conclusions on the results of interviews and questions. The conclusions are read by legislators and regulators who then can with that information make appropriate rules regarding the activity.

Studies do vary in different jurisdictions and institutions. One study recently completed at the Michigan State University business school claims that more controlled and definitive regulation will benefit the online gambling industry and protect consumers from illegal activity. This study was designed to assess the costs and benefits of the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006. According to the report, the law legalized online gambling activities such as virtual poker and blackjack, with exceptions made for designated fantasy sports, online lotteries and horse racing. It was concluded that in the USA “the online gambling industry is at the point where it wants controlled regulation" and “both the industry and individuals - including underage and problem gamblers - would be better off if regulation exists."

In Australia a 2014 study conducted by the Southern Cross University revealed unexpected results regarding the use of online gambling opportunities both social and personal.  Interviewing online 1,554 respondents from both genders researchers wanted to find out how the current legalisation would affect the activity of game play at social casinos. It was revealed that 69% of respondents said that they would be not interested in playing at real-money online casinos.  While, 28.4% would be somewhat interested and only 2.6% would be very interested.

The Australian study also saw 57% think that social casinos would encourage real-money online gambling. The researchers found that 28% of people aged from 12 to 17 engaged in real-money gambling after playing with social casinos.


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