More Online Gambling Consolidation Too Come

Published Sunday, September 06, 2015 -
More Online Gambling Consolidation Too Come

The consolidation of companies in the online gambling industry is changing the future for the consumer in a big way.  It is not only the consumer that will hopefully benefit from the advancements in technology that bigger companies offering online gambling services embrace but also the economies of the jurisdiction where many are employed in the various operations.

The merger of the two iconic online betting firms Paddy Power and Betfair is  a good example of the online gambling industry’s ability to grow in exponential ways. Amaya the Canadian gaming firm scored a  large takeover of PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker making it a massive company influencing many trades and other consolidation considerations.

Gambling has become a very large part of the world wide economy with the new age Chinese investor a piece in the Los Angeles Times postulated that "many of the Chinese market's millions of middle-class investors treat the market as a sort of state-backed casino. An opaque, highly volatile mechanism only loosely tied to China's economic reality. And so far, many appear to see the recent turmoil as little more than a passing storm... a gambler will always return to gambling, so long as there's a table". This is a common thread in Asia as many given that the Chinese have a long tradition of gambling and fortune telling.

The internet is still in a state of flux in many parts of the globe what will firewalls and censorship along with ISP blocking and legislated penalties there is still a certain amount of uncertainty in unregulated  online gambling jurisdictions such as China and the South America. The large online gambling entity does have a more effective voice when it comes to modifying laws with the offer of economic benefits.

Online gambling in all its forms is here to stay and the companies that offer it will only grow bigger along with it as long as there is a demand it will be met.

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