Suspicious Betting on Tennis ESSA Investigates

Published Monday, September 07, 2015 -
Suspicious Betting on Tennis ESSA Investigates

The technological advances in the detection of suspicious betting activity, has given the protectors of integrity in sports a fighting chance to curb the corrupt scourge of match fixing. When the integrity of sport is compromised the whole system suffers and the reputation of a sport can be destroyed.

There have been reports from the sports betting integrity body ESSA which revealed back in April of this year that the sport of tennis generated the most unusual betting activity of any sport during the first quarter. A total of 27 alerts were recorded in the tennis division, with 17 found to be suspicious and 10 classed as unusual but not suspicious.

Mike O’Kane, the ESSA chairperson said back then, “Fundamentally, betting-related match-fixing is an attempt to defraud betting operators and their customers by corrupting sporting events,” Adding, “It is an issue that causes economic and social damage and that requires international cross-sector cooperation.” “ESSA and its members are committed to engaging with other responsible stakeholders to address this criminal activity. We continue to work closely with organisations such as the International Olympic Committee, European Commission and Council of Europe to develop processes that detect and deter corruption.”

Now in the second quarter f the year ESSA has revealed again that tennis generated the most suspicious betting patterns. Tennis was the subject of the majority of complaints, generating a total of 19 of the 23 deemed to be suspicious by the watchdog organization. O’Kane, stressed the need to fight match-fixing then he referred to recent revelations of corruption at football’s global governing body, FIFA saying, “A number of high-profile scandals have sadly dominated sport since the publication of our first quarterly integrity report.”

Now the Belgium authorities are reportedly investigating suspicious betting surrounding a series of men’s tennis matches and the Federal Prosecutor's Office is looking into a number of games from the Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP) Challenger Tour and the International Tennis Federation (ITF) Futures tournament.





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