Daily Fantasy Sports Online Betting Supporters Divided

Published Friday, September 25, 2015 - Online-Casinos.com
Daily Fantasy Sports Online Betting Supporters Divided

The business of providing sports betting on the internet is a business like no other because it has a global presence but is regulated differently in various jurisdictions. Being an online gambling operator does entail a host of difficulties that are complicated and somewhat risky. In the USA for example it is illegal to bet on sports in most states except three and in Europe online betting on sports is everywhere.

The recent developments regarding the online daily sports betting trend in America are giving the investors in the trend a few sleepless nights. News is emerging that in many ways predicts that the era of unregulated daily fantasy sports betting will soon come to an impasse at least in some jurisdictions in America.

The recent announcement that the National Collegiate Athletic Association US college sports body has issued a warning to players, staff and media partners that the activity is not sanctioned by the Association is a step down the regulatory path. The administrators at the NCAA have asked repeatedly that the providers of the activity FanDuel and DraftKings to cease offering college football contests.

US sports broadcaster ESPN, has stepped up efforts to quell the disapproval and this week discontinued its use of `cover alerts`, which references to point spreads in sport gambling, during NCAA broadcasts.

Other organizations in the sporting world have supported the real money betting on daily fantasy sports which has sent mixed signals to the online gambling and media operators. The NCAA is drawing a line in the sand. A prohibition on such games is in order to protect the “integrity of the game” which is aligned with the stance against gambling.

NCAA official Oliver Luck also issued a warning to some athletic directors that any player who participates in daily fantasy sports betting games will lose a year of athletic eligibility.





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