Sweden Ramping Up For Online Gambling Changes

Published Wednesday, October 21, 2015 - Online-Casinos.com
Sweden Ramping Up For Online Gambling Changes

Online gambling legislation in Europe has been struggling with unity and consistency with hold out nations still maintaining a monopolistic approach to the activity. In most EU countries compliance with the European Commission’s rules on free e commerce among members is slowly being adopted with regulators legislating inclusive laws. Some nations however are slow to adopt the universal rules for the online gambling industry in the European Union.

Sweden for example is struggling to adapt to a non monopolistic approach to the gambling industry and is set to review its gambling policies. Political  pressure from the European Commission, officials that deal with these issues in Sweden and the public image, has become the focus of the press which is expected to bring to an end the era of the gambling monopoly Svenska Spel in Sweden.

Sweden’s image is suffering in the E.U. arena because it has resisted changing its gambling legislation and dissolve Svenska Spel and Lotteriinspektionen. The review will enable the country to get back on track and open its doors to competition and new online operators in Sweden which will be more compliant with EU policy on e commerce freedom.

Recently Sweden's Ministry of Finance formally agreed to thoroughly review its gambling legislation relinquishing the control of the government operated monopoly.  Services offered by Svenska Spel, will also be under review after it was revealed the monopoly’s sales were reduced approximately 5% since 2013.

Sweden has planned to make the changes which were to meet the required E.U. policies but not until 2018 before the general election in Sweden. It has been suggested that a special session to move the changes in online gambling laws ahead may indeed be in the cards for Sweden and consumers of online gambling products. Revenue generated by licensing of other online gambling service providers and the taxes from the activity may be reason enough to move forward a little faster.  




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