Online PartyPoker Site Makes Changes For Fairness

Published Sunday, October 25, 2015 -
Online PartyPoker Site Makes Changes For Fairness

Playing poker on the internet has become a pastime enjoyed by millions of players daily. The selection of online poker rooms is big and there are those that offer a live poker experience and those that offer other features. The big online poker providers such as’s PartyPoker and Amaya’s Poker Stars and FullTilt compete for the attention of players from all over the world.

The latest controversy has players questioning the fairness of poker games when third party software is used to gain an advantage over others in the game. PartyPoker has taken steps to make the games fairer and attract more casual poker fans. The changes initiative entitled ‘Poker for the People’ by PartyPoker will according to Golan Shaked, director of games labels at digital entertainment,  help protect players.

Shaked commented, “As part of our ‘Poker for the People’ campaign, the PartyPoker team is committed to providing all poker players, regardless of experience or skill levels, with trusted poker products that are fair, ethical and fun,” Shaked added, “We will continue working with the wider poker community on developing a mutually beneficial, trusting relationship.”

Now only a few weeks later after the announcement PartyPoker customers will see two major changes while online. For example those on the cash game waiting list will be randomly seated when a seat that matches their preference is available. Opponents in the cash game room will only be revealed once the first hand is dealt. There will be a second edition to the proposed changes at PartyPoker which include hand histories being no longer available for download and only viewable using the PartyPoker software.  

Shaked commented on the recent updates to the PartyPoker online gambling web location, “We have been delighted by the response of the poker community.” adding, “Today we are pleased to be introducing the first of those changes which will level the playing field for all players.”



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