Bitcoin Online Gambling Sees Investment Growth

Published Friday, October 30, 2015 -
Bitcoin Online Gambling Sees Investment Growth

Bitcoin is but one crypto currency in the world of unconventional methods of payment for goods and services. Online gambling has been offering the use of bitcoin and other similar forms of denomination to players for transactions since the cyber form of payment surfaced as an alternate to the banks and credit card firms.

A recent article in Canada’s financial Baystreet access web location has revealed that MarilynJean Media Interactive a firm in the business of providing safe and accessible services for the users of bitcoin and other crypto-currencies has entered into discussions to acquire a share of an operating Bitcoin Exchange.

MarilynJean Media Interactive is one of the first publicly traded companies focused on bitcoin and the cyber money space.  MarilynJean Interactive intentions are to seamlessly integrate the currency conversion functions of both its planned remittance and gaming businesses as well as integrate directly with any Bitcoin ATM's the company installs. Owning and operating a Bitcoin exchange is a critical element for a totally integrated transaction with an end user that involves both FIAT also known as traditional currency and cyber funds.

President of MJMI, Peter Janosi, commented on the purchase plan, "Being able to integrate the key verticals we are targeting, including remittance, gaming and ATMs with our own Bitcoin exchange has the potential to offer tremendous advantages to our company. We intend to trade through multiple exchanges simultaneously to ensure we offer our customers the best rates at the lowest prices. At the same time time, being able to route transactions through a completely integrated system that we monitor and control will allow us to offer even faster transaction processing and better customer service. We are very excited to be in discussions with a potential partner in the exchange space who shares our focus on security and scalability."


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