Wagering With Computers Is Unfair Online Gambling

Published Wednesday, November 18, 2015 - Online-Casinos.com
Wagering With Computers Is Unfair Online Gambling

The world has been changed by computers for the better and in some ways worse and they are making things difficult to make educated decisions for gamblers before computers make them.

Wagering online has become a competition of sorts between the robotic computer generated bet and the one played by a real individual. Data has become the key for winning at sports betting with the computer related models making bets that are for the average gambler sometimes incomprehensible. The use of computers for finding value in pari-mutuel pools and then targeting wagers into those pools is essentially an unfair advantage for players who use them. The instant knowledge available for probable payouts, plus the ability to wager a huge number of different combinations, and the capability to make those bets in just a few seconds before the race when odds have settled, provides players that use computers unfair advantages over other gamblers. Computers are fast and there is no way a human can do what they do in such short order.

The youthful demographic is more interested in skill based games and the use of computer generated wagering is one they have embraced. Old school research for horse racing as an example is being eroded as computers take the work out of the process and do it very quickly. Online casinos are trying to attract younger bettors by adding skill based games to the program.

Gambling online or off the experience depends on fairness and equality and when computers are used it is obvious who will take the prize. The recent crack down on Daily Fantasy Sports in the USA addresses this issue head on. The New York Times recently reported, “many of the professional (fantasy players) use automated processes that let them change hundreds, if not thousands, of lineups in seconds, a decided advantage when last-minute changes are made in the lineups in real football, basketball, or baseball teams.”


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