Online Betting Operators Search Engine Optimized

Published Friday, November 27, 2015 -
Online Betting Operators Search Engine Optimized

Information is what drives the internet and the companies that collect statistics both current and past keep the online world alive and well. Search engine optimization is not something most online gamblers are concerned with but betting operators depend on consistent traffic flow to their web locations. Keeping tabs on the trends and where they are headed is a major occupation for online gambling firms in order to determine relevance, engagement and visibility.

Search engine optimization is the key to successful market targeting of prospective consumers of online betting products. Social media has brought a new way of getting customers to notice products presented online and marketing firms are recognizing social media’s impact on visibility in the virtual world. The proper use of SEO is important for operators because if protocol rules are broken Google doesn’t hesitate to penalize and fine those web sites who violate the conditions imposed by Google one of if not the biggest search engine on the web.

An example was recently presented by Blueclaw a firm that delivers search and social marketing campaigns, illustrating how research content is readily available using a Google Trends­ Graph to see if Formula One betting opportunities were well represented on the internet.

 Blueclaw’s business development consultant, Alex Humphries, commented, “Formula One is rarely mentioned in a betting context, but that doesn’t mean it should be ignored altogether. Operators will often find a spike in F1 bets around March, when punters may have a wager on the first race of the season or outright winner of the championship but generally bets on the sport are steady. "

­ Humphries continued, "This surge of interest at the start of each season provides a real opportunity for operators to entice people to sign up by giving them a sign-up offer based on the first race, and this in turn would also help affiliates.”

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