Online Poker Revenues Looking Better In New Jersey

Published Wednesday, December 16, 2015 -
Online Poker Revenues Looking Better In New Jersey

The good news is traveling fast in New Jersy as the statistics have been released that the online poker offering in the US Garden State has done better than it has been lately. While selling the concept of taking poker online to the State legislators New Jersey Governor Chris Christie predicted great windfall in the form of taxes and licensing revenues which have not as yet materialized.  
A definite upswing in activity has been revealed by the Division of Gaming Enforcement in the most recent financial report although the results are still less than what everyone expected after Christie's glowing recomendation. Licensed operators of online casinos and poker sites reported meager earnings in 2015. It appears that November is a good month for online poker in New Jersey with the two main operators offering four of the poker sites topping last years results by 2.3 percent with a considerable rake of $1,957,513. This albeit small increase was encouraging for the industry after this year's November online poker revenue post was 4.3 percent better than 2014.
The current situation in New Jersey is looking up for operators the consumer and the government but there are still bigger fish to fry in this particular American jurisdiction. Pressing issues still plague the online gamlbing industry in New Jersey mostly atributed to the lack of player pools which would excite players to participate more.
This positive news for the State is a clear example of the need for more marketing and more access.The learning curve should not be as slow and steep as it has been in the formation of the platforms allowing operators to expand. Slow but sure the offerings are beginning to catch on and 2016 may very well be the best year yet for New Jersey's online gambling initiative.


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