Anti-Corruption In Sports Aim of New UKGC Web Site

Published Saturday, December 19, 2015 -
Anti-Corruption In Sports Aim of New UKGC Web Site

Corruption in sport is most definately a leading cause of concern for every government and sports organization in the world today. The recent scandal involving the kick backs and fiddling in the Olympic Games has made it obvious corruption is everywhere and at every level and must be closelt watched for from every angle.   
The recent announcement that the United Kingdom's Gambling Commission has brought online a website focusing on gambling related corruption in professional sports is good for those who know that cyber crime in sports betting is prevalent. Education is a staple in the war against corruption in sports betting and the The Sports Betting Integrity Forum (SBIF) website serves as a center for the strategy which addresses the risks associated with match-fixing helping to protect sports betting integrity in UK's lucrative regulated environment.
On the new site are products and resources, including some education programmes templates and detection strategies.
Progress reports on the delivery of the Sports and Sports Betting Action Plan will be available on the SBIF web location in addition to news, updates related to betting integrity from sport law enforcement agencies, the betting industry and the United Kingdom's Gambling Commission.
 UKGC director of regulation Nick Tofiluk commented, “We have already taken some very positive steps in Britain to address the risks to the integrity of sport and sports betting,” adding, “I’m delighted that what we have achieved so far, along with our plans for the future is now accessible to all, in one place, via the SBIF website.”
Tracey Crouch, Parliamentary Under-Secretary for Department for Culture, Media and Sport, salso commented saying integrity of sport is “absolutely paramount” and must be protected.



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